Music Artist Branding

Music Marketing in 2020 with Hollywood Songwriters and our composers working closely with independent filmmakers with the music art branding techniques of Hollywood Songwriters. Branding your music and preparing your music for the international and digital market. With the absolute favorable strategies available. Establish your individual brand and develop your brand story with Hollywood Songwriters. We focus in on enhancing the authentic self in you as a music artist or your team as a group of music artists.

Website Development and Maintenance

Creating websites for our artists that benefit both the artist and the fan with awesome user experience and a intuitive user interface.

Video Production and Photography

Advance music artist promotions with video production services including music video production, promotional content and behind-the-scenes content.

Social Media Strategy Development

Social media communication is a key component to developing and strengthening relationships with fans and listeners. Hollywood Songwriters Social Media services provide music artists with guidance and strategy development assistance.

Youtube Marketing

Youtube marketing and promotional strategy advancements offered by Hollywood Songwriters and our team of Youtube marketing professionals.

Film Composers of the Cannes Film Festival

May 12th, 2019|0 Comments

Festival de Cannes 2019 is among us and Hollywood Songwriters will be present during the festival promoting and marketing the best songwriters and film composers of 2019. With Hollywood Songwriters featured composers of the [...]