Music marketing in 2020 is set for unprecedented records and opportunities for music artists are available if you have an understanding of how the music industry works. Are you a songwriter or are you a music artist, or are you both? These are questions that you will want to ask yourself when preparing your music marketing 2020 strategies.

Songwriting and music marketing services for 2020 with Hollywood Songwriters team of hard working, dedicated songwriters and song slingers. Developing out a comprehensive marketing plan for the promotion and marketing of your songs and album release. As the artist, looking towards 2020, one might feel overwhelmed by the potential for your song’s success. The momentum created by Hollywood Songwriters is astonishing as far as music marketing has gone in 2019. International promotions with tours in Asia, Europe, and major events taking place.

This is all such a beautiful time get into music marketing. So many great opportunities lie ahead in 2020.

The Concert and Bringing People Together

The concert is still a vital element of the music industry and the music experience. You must be touring live. Promoting and marketing your tour can be difficult. Live music and performing your best, pleasing the fans, and creating a loyal following.

The income is there as well.

Creating licensing opportunities and establishing sync on major global placements.

  • Brand Development
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Song Marketing and Promotion Strategies

These are a few of the services Hollywood Songwriters offers in 2020. With the new year approaching, we are refreshing our focus here at Hollywood Songwriters.

Music Marketing Services

In 2020, Hollywood Songwriters approach to music marketing increases our songwriters’ potential for a dominating online presence. The digital music marketing services of Hollywood Songwriters includes music branding of songs and artists, and establishing a strong international marketing program for 2020. Is your team working tirelessly around the clock to get your work prepared for 2020? Music marketing in 2020 and positioning your music front and center for those looking to listen to new music.

The marketing services available include our brand strategy development for international exposure for our team of songwriters and music artists. In 2020, marketing is key. Our team is committed to expanding the exposure and marketing potential for our composers, songwriters, and music artists.