Cinematic music for videos and for video games is desperately needed in today’s booming creative economy. Those looking for stellar masterpieces and simple songs from Hollywood Songwriters include a catelog of music for videos ready to license today. Independent music licensing in 2020 from Hollywood Songwriters and our roster of emerging artists. License music for personal, production, or for commercial use here at Hollywood Songwriters and take advantage of  the Hollywood Songwriters Independent Music Licensing Platform offering a one-stop shop for full clearance of music licenses by the best independent artists of 2020. Take advantage of the excellent Music Marketing services we are providing for our clientele. 

Pre-Cleared Music and Filmmakers

Pre-Cleared music from Hollywood Songwriters and our work with independent filmmakers. For independent filmmakers wanting to work with Hollywood Songwriters on their next feature film, should contact us directly.  When it comes to licensing music for films, Hollywood Songwriters understands that offering inspiring music for Video creators is key in 2020. Let’s explore more reasons of why Hollywood Songwriters is your one-stop shop for music clearance of independent artists. 

Check out What’s New and available here at Hollywood Songwriters. If you are looking for something seasonal such as for the Halloween or Christmas spirit, something ambient and techno driven maybe? How about some feel good pop rock jams?

License Music for Commercial Use

Music demands for commercial use are on the rise.


What type of license do you need?

As a filmmaker, do you know what type of license you are going to need?

  • Synch License
  • Mechanical License
  • Master License
  • Public Performance License
  • Prints Rights License
  • Theater License

When it comes to licensing music for filmmakers, working with music licensing experts is key.