Hollywood Songwriters supports the Black Lives Matter Movement and we believe we all have a responsibility to spread the awareness of the plague of police brutality and systemic racism in our country and on the global stage. In cities that are hosting large rallies for the Black Lives Matter movement, we are in support of you in the fight for Civil Rights. These are rallies for police reform as those speak out against violence and bring justice, healing, and freedom to Black people all over the globe.

Current Track Project

“I Can’t Breathe” Hip Hop song by A Healthy Student.  Currently seeking Hip Hop Artists for opportunities for Top Liners and new artists. The next generation of hip hop artists with opportunities available for placement in upcoming films, TV, and video games here at Hollywood Songwriters.

At Hollywood Songwriters, Hip Hop and R&B beats are promoted alongside our artists. For beat placement opportunities, reach out to us today here at Hollywood Songwriters.