Hollywood Songwriters music supervising services are designed to assist music supervisors and agencies with connecting the perfect song for your brand.

Music in TV commercials, movie trailers, film soundtracks and video games.

Our roster of songwriters and our catalog of songs include the freshest sounds from Latin beats to Pop Ballads.

Invest in the future of songwriters with Hollywood Songwriters. Our vision is to create a home for songwriters and music artists to grow into their fullest potential. Providing high quality songs for music artists and placement on film, television and interactive media licensing.

We are currently partnering together teams of songwriters and producers alongside excellent professional musicians for our Malibu Songwriter Sessions in Malibu, California.

Licensing the perfect music for commercial use creates a memorable advertising experience. Hollywood Songwriters library of songs are available for advertising music options.

Our Sliding Fee Scale For Licensing

and a sliding fee scale to fit you project budget and scope of your marketing campaign. Search our library of production music to find great background music for advertisements or the perfect theme song to advertise your product or service and make your commercial stand out.