Congratulations to the United State of America for moving forward with the advancement of technology and songwriting with many great feats taking place in 2018, the Orrin Hatch Music Modernization Act by far is the greatest feat of 2018. Feat. That is a bit of a strange word one would think. The Music Modernization Act was renamed the Orrin G. Hatch Music Modernization Act in honor of the retiring Utah politician who also happens himself to own a platinum record. Hmmm.. Okay. Moving on.

Technology and Music in 2018

What does the future of music look like? With cloud based music being a key element in today’s music world, let’s focus in and see what is coming up next. Streaming services and music and technology have definentely progressed in 2018 with the recent addition of Spotify allowing artists to upload their music directly to the platform now. This is huge, and I mean, HUGE NEWS!!!