Often times we are asked. What is metadata music publishing. For many musicians and songwriters the concept of metadata is a mystery among further mysteries. But it really doesn’t have to be that complicated. Metadata is data about the song. Because people cannot physically see who owns the song because they are listening to it, metadata is stored on the file.

What good is this data if they can’t see it?

Avoid the headaches of terrible metadata with Hollywood Songwriters work with metadata control for songwriters.

Metadata helps you as a songwriter get paid. And we love this. So let’s focus in on proper metadata for 2018. Accurate metadata is what it is all about.

Mastering music metadata in 2018 and collecting  due royalties from proper metadata and the important role of metadata in the music industry in 2018.

In this article we will break down a few important types of metadata as it is relevant to music publishing and the music industry.